Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management tools 2019


Magic quadrant and its definition

A Magic Quadrant can be defined as a research report that specifies and clarifies, who are the competing players within the major innovation markets?

A Gartner Magic Quadrant could be a summit of investigation about a particular market. It gives the organization a broad outlook of the relative positions of the market’s competitors by applying a graphical treatment and a uniform set of assessment criteria.

Magic Quadrant makes a difference that helps companies to rapidly find out how well technology suppliers are executing their expressed dreams and how well they are performing against Gartner’s market overview.

How to use a Magic Quadrant

Before using Gartner Magic Quadrant, a company should begin with steps to understand the technology provider. A user might consider for a particular venture opportunity.

The customer should keep in mind that centering on the leaders’ quadrant isn’t continuously the leading course of activity. There are great reasons to consider market challengers. And a niche player may bolster a customer’s needs way better than a market leader. It all depends on how the supplier adjusts together with the customer’s trade objectives.

Features of a Magic Quadrant

The features of the magic quadrant empower a user to form an opinion out of the Magic Quadrant to reflect a user’s commerce objectives and needs. Most importantly, the interactive highlights empower you to alter the weightings connected to each of the assessment criteria to create an unused, client-specific Magic Quadrant graphic for that advertising. The user will share these customized Magic Quadrants for their inside investigations and choice making.

A Magic Quadrant educates the user to invest in the right market as per requirements.

Magic Quadrant of some vendors with their pros and cons

Axious Systems

Axious System has an ITSM product named Assist. It focuses more on organizations with advanced I&O maturity.


  • This company’s revenue depends totally on its ITSM tool. This is a plus point for the company as it has to concentrate more on the development and improvement of its tools instead of hastening about the competitors.
  • It has successfully attracted state, local and education government customers in many regions by using vertical-specific programs.


  • Although this company has attracted customers, yet it lags behind as it has achieved the smallest market shares.
  • As this company concentrates more on smaller market stakes, this may lead to a big problem for the company in case of renewal.


This company offers four ITSM products i.e.

  • BMC Helix ITSM, which focuses more on the organizations with advance I&O maturity.
  • BMC Helix RemedyForce and BMC Footprints which targets organizations with intermediate I&O maturity.
  • BMC Track-it that focuses on basic I&O maturity.


  • BMC has a wide-range ITOM software portfolio, which makes it a trusted partner for mature I&O organizations that want to encompass their ITSM tools.


  • BMC’s shifting its brand from Remedy to Helix family has yet to reverberate with users who still associate the product with legacy encounters.


This company presents one ITSM product known as EV Service Manager. It focuses on the organization with intermediate to advanced I&O maturity.


  • As the EasyVista is midmarket oriented ITSM tools provider, it manages to market its product from smaller organization to advanced I&O maturity organizations.


  • It hasn’t been in the market for a longer period as it has shortlisted lesser customers in comparison to its competitors. This has resulted in less visibility of this company in the market.
  • It has increased R&D, yet it still lags behind in the competition.

Micro Focus

It presents one ITSM product that is Micro Focus Service Management Automation X (SMAX), which focuses on organizations with intermediate to advanced I&O maturity.


  • Micro Focus maintains a community of active users for its product, which includes peer forum and biweekly community meetings for practitioners.
  • The product can be deployed in a container that allows the users to customize the product as per their requirements.


  • ITSM tools market acquires a smaller portion of the company’s total revenue as compared to its competitors.


This company offers one ITSM software that is known as Clarity Service Management (Clarity SM); it focuses on the organization with intermediate to advanced I&O maturity. It completed its procurement of CA Technologies in 2018 and rebranded its CA Service Management solution in 2019.


  • Broadcom’s CA Technologies attainment involved a wide portfolio of ITOM tools that directly integrates with Broadcom’s Clarity SM product.


  • ITSM acquires a small portion of Broadcom’s overall revenue. The release of new feature i.e., virtual support agent and persistent UI across all of its modules, has resulted in lagging other vendors’ growth in this field.




IT service management workflow


One of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s world is information technology, and it provides a lot of unmatchable benefits to people in a lot many ways. When we take a look around us, we see that we are completely surrounded by technology, and we use technology everywhere. Starting from day to day work to high skill working in an organisation, we can see that technology is a part of everything. A lot of organisations have been widely benefited by the usage of technology as it has made the working efficient and effortless. The whole world has the world around technology and its benefit we can say that lives have been completely dependent on the usage of technology these days.

The world of Information Technology

With technology growing with a very fast pace in today’s generation, a lot of organisations have the usage of technology to benefit them in their working atmosphere. It was a great step which completely flips the world of Management and organisations. Information technology is basically working through the usage of a computer or any technical devices which produce equal efficiency, and higher working capability is while working in the organisations. Information technology is widely used in every organisation and most of the basic primary functions of the organisation and performed in front of a computer itself. A small business or a large scale industry technology has changed the way every management functions. Organisations use technology to perform several tasks like data storage, processing of data and estimation and calculations which are required for an organisation. Information technology has provided benefits not only to the organisation but also to the professional working for the organisation. The biggest benefit, which was possible because the usage of information technology is that mobility in work was insured. Conventional methods of Management state that a professional should have to come to a place of work to perform these tasks for the day. But with the usage of technology, a person can work with equal efficiencies and fulfill his task by sitting anywhere in the world. This has been worked extremely convenient and easy for the professional and provides the companies with equal and efficient outcomes. Another important way of whether a company experiences benefit from information technology is in the field of the accuracy of calculations. Calculations are included in every phase of Management main that we are estimating a project or calculating at the total budget required at the end of the month. With the usage of technology, the calculations have been made more precise and accurate, which makes working easier and with higher accuracy rate exact estimation could be possible.

The workflow in ITSM

With information technology playing such a crucial role in an organisation, It is essential to effectively manage the Information technology sector to obtain better outcomes. Information technology service Management is basically referred to as taking care of the Information technology sector to obtain the best outcomes in the simplest words. ITSM provides arranges the several components of the Information technology sector to extract great working capability is from the sector and enhance the results. Information technology service management provides an organisation with a lot of benefits and the biggest advantage provided by ITSM is that it minimises the cost which is invested into the maintenance of Information technology operations and expands the returns with a company benefits to Information. Every method has its own way of functioning to tackle any problem that arises in the organisation. This process is referred to as a workflow, and this helps in proper eradication of any kind of list for a health organisation in tackling any problem or query that arises to that particular sector. ITSM has its own workflow and process where working and usage of ITSM methodology are ensured. Information technology service Management workflow rule has several steps where proper working and should and that process starts with particular services requested by the organisation. The process is followed by approval, and then other functions like assignments review of pending information and other tasks are performed to fulfill the request of the organisation by the usage of Information technology service Management methodologies.


This is the standard procedure which is set for ensuring proper workflow of Information technology service Management procedures, but organisations modify the workflow to suit the portfolios of the organisations in the best possible way to extract the best results.